Blogs in general and academic blogging or academic blogs in specific have been existing for quite a long time now. Blogs have been used by researchers to talk about the focus of their research, to share their ideas, to discuss regarding their various interests, in creating their own profile, and most importantly to exhibit developments or news that are mainly relevant to the area they are working in. No doubt, blogs provide an excellent forum but only when used well. Certain blogs like our research writing blogs are quite successful, reaching to the academic field which otherwise may not have reached, but some other blogs just take a start but they fade away quickly. Reasons could be many such as lack of focus, time, etc, by the audience.

It is a fact that we do blogging since we like to blog and not because we have the compulsion to blog. Blogging should be enjoyable and not like an assignment to do. In our blogs, we write with a lot of passion and communicate with people in our own style of writing. It shows our varied levels of creativity. It gives us an opportunity to explore our ideas. It also provides us a chance to make other people understand our ideas or to make a testing of a concept or do presentation through our blogs.

Every university asks their students to write essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, theses and other assignments as a requirement for the various courses which they enroll in. Research skills are not formally taught by many professors. Even if they do, chances are that it would be just be taught in a fast manner rather than taught with enthusiasm and zeal. The reason may be that, in theory, it might look very simple but when suddenly tied with a writing project with an approaching deadline, one may find oneself lost or feel like an outsider not being able to get involved in it. If you are a college or a school student, it is almost a routine that you are assigned academic level papers and other projects. In case you are being provided assignments on a frequent level, you might face issues of stress or anxiety regarding the completion and bringing the project to perfection. Though it may not happen with many of the students who are attending colleges or schools; but it is not either unlikely. So it is normal that a student who is scared of assignments could feel stressed. But what is important is that this stress should not be allowed to continue. The stress and anxiety need to be addressed because it has a negative impact on the academic performance of the student.

The worry, nervousness and panic concerned with assignments is mainly owing to the below mentioned causes. The students might be not having the skill to complete their assignments adequately owing to educational imperfections. The students might not have the required information to do their assignment or they may be lacking in the necessary abilities. It may be tough for them to understand what is instructed in school or college. It may also be the reason that the students are not able to cope up with time and do not get sufficient scope in their routine to timely attend to their assignments. Further, this may be owing to sheer mishandling and squandering of time on the students side or it may be due to the reason that the students have so many works and daily personal routines in their program. Assistance to help with any type of assignment is anytime accessible for students. They can ask for academic help in case they cannot comprehend the teachings of various concepts in schools and colleges.

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